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  • The upcoming eclipse will be an unforgettable experience. Transform it into a learning opportunity and spark a lasting STEM passion with these resource curated by the LTC team. The post 9 Teaching Resources for Illuminating the 2024 Eclipse appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • Every school district deals with broken or out of date devices. Don't let your e-waste backlog pile up! Check out these 5 trusted recycling and buyback programs that can save your district time and money. The post How to Start Recycling E-Waste with ILTPP appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • Today's students need to know how to analyze and contextualize digital media to thrive in the classroom and beyond. Digital literacy can teach them how, and this week's guest Darren Hudgins wants teachers to start teaching it directly. The post Developing Digital Literacy appeared first on Learning Technology Center .

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  • Whether you’re thinking of buying your first printer, or you have a few that are not being used to their full potential, this workshop will give you the foundation needed to implement 3D printing in your educational environment. The post 3D Printing for Educators appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • Join us to discover the "magic" of Canva and Adobe Express, two of the most popular graphic design tools used by professionals and amateurs alike. Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, teachers will learn how to create eye-catching graphics, select appropriate fonts and colors, and manipulate images and text to create visually appealing presentations and digital teaching materials. Participants will also learn how to use templates and pre-made graphics to save time and effort on every lesson plan. The post Creating Dazzling Graphics: A Teachers Guide to Canva Adobe Express appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • Join your fellow educators as we tour Metcalf Elementary and Middle School's makerspace classrooms and hear from its staff on the many ways hands-on STEM learning can be enhanced through maker-focused projects. The post Metcalf STEAM Field Trip appeared first on Learning Technology Center .