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  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. To keep our classrooms relevant to today's learners, we need find ways to harness its power to create robust, personalized learning experiences. The post ChatGPT in the Classroom: 5 Strategies for K-12 Educators appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
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  • Join us for an open discussion on current educational technology topics and trends. This networking meeting is open to all educational technology positions including technology directors, instructional technology coaches, teachers, and any other positions interested in discussing the current state of technology in our schools. While a short presentation may lead off our time together, the majority of the meeting will be open for participants to share their experiences and challenges with the group. The post ROE 13 Educational Technology Roundtable appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • This week on Be Connected: join FAA licensed drone pilot Ben Sondgeroth to learn about educational drones and learn about how IT teams can support the rollout of drones in the classroom. The post Be Connected: Drones appeared first on Learning Technology Center .