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  • Keeping up with the latest AI-powered solutions can feel overwhelming. Here are four trusted ILTPP Vendor Partners you can turn to when your district wants to harness AI to unleash creativity, enhance assessments, and more. The post 4 Ways to Harness AI-Powered Learning with ILTPP Vendor Partners appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • There is a lot of buzz around AI right now - especially in the K-12 education community. At IETC 2023, you can cut through the buzz and start a conversation toward developing successful AI policies during the AI in Education Summit, hosted by Illinois Tech of the Year Joe Fatheree. The post Discover AIs Present Future in Education @ IETC 2023 appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • As stimulus funding begins to taper off, districts must prepare to financially support their tech-powered learning environment for the long term. Here are several key considerations every K-12 leader needs to take into account while setting their ongoing tech budget. The post Technology and Funding after the Pandemic appeared first on Learning Technology Center .

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  • Let's get hands-on with classroom robotics! Join us as we investigate how to incorporate various educational robots to support computer science, computational thinking, and core content learning goals. The post Robots in the Classroom appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
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  • This CDW Amplified Google Admin Level 1 Certification training will guide your IT staff through educational best practices and Google Workspace for Education Admin console skills and techniques. This fundamentals course covers Admin Console basics and key settings configurations for Google Workspace for Education. The post CDW Amplified Google Admin Level 1 Certification Training appeared first on Learning Technology Center .