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  • The Learning Technology Center is proud to announce the winner of its first 3D printing contest. Learn about the winning student and how you can grab the miniature butter cow he designed as a souvenir at the 2024 Illinois State Fair. The post LTC Announces Inaugural Illinois State Fair Butter Cow 3D Printing Contest Winner appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • While securing digital learning environments remains a priority, enhancing physical security needs to also be on every district's radar. These trusted solutions can help protect your students and staff against the current threats and emergencies. The post Enhancing Physical Security: 3 Solutions for Illinois K-12 Schools appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • Illinois teachers have been striving and achieving throughout the current school year. As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, let's honor and recognize that dedication! The post Celebrating Illinois Teachers’ Dedication appeared first on Learning Technology Center .

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  • Join us to learn and practice techniques for assessing the quality and reliability of online information and sources provided by AI. Along the way, we'll also explore several tools and strategies you can integrate into your research-centered classroom activities and digital citizenship curriculum. The post Smart and Savvy Online Learning in the AI Era appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • Join us as we explore practical strategies for maintaining digital well-being, including resources to help students practice balancing technology use - for school and for entertainment - with their individual mental health. The post Navigating Digital Waters: From Well-Being to Thriving appeared first on Learning Technology Center .
  • Join us as we cut through the AI buzz and examine the implications of artificial intelligence in an educational setting. In particular, we’ll focus on how recently released and forthcoming AI tools could impact how students learn and create going forward. The post A Beginner’s Guide to AI for Educators appeared first on Learning Technology Center .